Charles C Dowd, Artist & Storyteller

KidthulhuAbout Kidthulhu

For centuries, mankind has heard the call of a being they called Cthulhu. Biding their time they waited till the star aligned to reveal the city of R'lyeh and the location of the dread dreamer. Imagine their surprise when it turns out they've been pronouncing his name wrong all along.

Kidthulhu is an all-ages story of weird hijinks and adventure, featuring everyone's favorite ten-year-old monster of madness as he conquers nightmares, bullies, bedtime, and cookie addiction. Along the way he'll bring his loyal sidekick Shog the Shoggoth, his new best friends Mia and Capi the Albino Goat of the Woods with 999 Siblings, Nyar his man-nanny, and Dagon-Boy to join in the fun.

Kidthulhu: Tales of Madness is a new start for Kidthulhu created by Martin E. Brandt II and Charles C Dowd published by Raven Warren Studios.

About the Creators

Where pencil meets paper, when humor goes straight for the gutter, where there’s a dad joke waiting, you’ll find them. Martin and Charlie teamed up to drive each other insane and create something awesome. Each has spent years continuing to hone their skills bringing their own unique visions to what they create. Now with their powers combined, they plan to take on the world with their creation, Kidthulhu!

A husband and dedicated dad, Martin started writing comics with his mixed media book Grim Furry Tales, an exploration of the old Grimm tales. He was also one of the winners in Small Press Idol 2010 for his work on Stitchwork. Since then he has written and published several genres of stories most tending to be either dark horror or all-ages adventure/humor. Martin has also developed and published independent anthologies such as Dead Future, Winter’s eye, and Extraordinary. He can also be found working on designs and developing tabletop games.

Charlie got into creating comics when he took his daughter to the comic book store for the first time. Seeing there wasn’t much there for her to really identify with he felt it was his mission to create something she could root for. Enter Lilith Dark, a no nonsense heroine who spends her time fighting beasties and avoiding meatloaf dinners. Following a successful Kickstarter, Lilith Dark was picked up and published by Alterna Comics. Recently he just completed another successful Kickstarter for his new book The A ot Z Guide to Jobs for Girls. All that and he’s just getting warmed up.